The easiest, most versatile backdrop lift system
for the busy photographer.

How Easy Is It?
  Easy Studio Lift

The Easy Studio Lift system is the answer to many studio backdrop issues that make changing out and storing multiple backdrops difficult. Here you see the Easy Studio Lift system installed in a professional studio. You can also see in the background, stored on the wall some of the other backdrops used in this studio.

ESL makes it easy to change out and store backdrops in a few simple, easy steps.

  Step 1

Remove a backdrop from the storage location and place it on the floor between the two lock flange spools.

  Step 2

Connect the lock flange spools to the backdrop spool ends and twist into lock position then press the lock pin.

  Step 3

Use the pendant control with the rocker switch to raise or lower the backdrop to the desired height. Use the other rocker switch on the pendant to unroll or roll up the backdrop. You can also adjust the distance of the backdrop from the wall by moving the lift backwards or forwards along the support struts. This gives you the room and flexibility to back-light your backdrop or set up a hair light behind it, etc.

You're ready to shoot and the whole process only takes about a minute!

To change the backdrop just reverse the process.